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Theme Island is composed of a series of themes that make up the island. Explore them further to reveal the characters, places, and events of the island. Plus, you’ll find extra downloadable goodies like desktop wallpapers and eCards.


Jungle Theme

The original theme and the driving force behind the formation of Theme Island. GFXmonkey (Graphics Monkey) represents the evolution of design in the twisted jungle of new media, the web, and the tangled path of the cyber surfer.

The monkey can be seen across the lush junglescape of the island. The monkey is a crafty fellow who often shows up hanging around the strangest places. Find out more about the monkey and his native habitat…

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Underwater Theme

Glub was born in 97 as a concept sketch and later became an animation in 1999. The eGLUB theme was born shortly thereafter, and was later indoctrinated into Theme Island.

eGLUB is an underwater theme, ranging from the cramped confines of goldfish bowl to the vast underwater depths of the oceans surrounding the island. Visit eGLUB to find out more about our fishkie friends…

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Furious KaBibi

Urban Theme

Furious KaBibi is the 3rd theme of TI and is devoted to the rich urban landscape. KaBibi is a fiesty latina with an attitude and a serious temper, but still loves her close companion, the Kat (a cat with attitude). She’s cute, but up until this point highly mysterious as her true identity hasn’t been revealed to the world yet. Stay tuned for more exciting developments with FK.

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Personal Voodooo

Mysterious Theme

Who Do That Voo-doo That You Do? Deep in the mysterious jungle lies intrigue and strange rituals. Harness the power yourself and send a Voodoo hex-gram today. Remember, the power of voodoo can be used for both good and evil, so whether you want your secret crush to fall in love with you or your arch-nemesis to feel your thunder, just remember it’s all good fun.

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Lil Ivy

The Little Witch

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Fat Little Goth Girl

Dark But Cute

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Elsewhere on Theme Island

Mini Themes

Mini Themes:

  • Joe the Amoeba
  • Space Wiener
  • Dinos

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